What Causes Large Pores?

Genetics, age, diet and sun damage all play a factor in large pores. You will naturally have large pores if you are born with oily or combination  skin. Excessive oil production makes pores look larger. As you age, skin loses suppleness, regardless of skin type, and pores appear enlarged as a result. The sun has a similar effect. Prolonged sun exposure weakens skin’s collagen, and  the walls of pores sag as they lose elasticity.

Now for some remedies..Clean, empty pores appear tighter and smaller. To empty your pores, (if needed) use a blackhead extractor and exfoliate your skin periodically to clear dead skins cells away from pore openings.

A foundation primer will help keep your makeup foundation from going straight into your pores. The primer evens out your skin tone and enables even coverage. Soak up excess oil with blotting papers during the day. If necessary, touch up with a dusting of powder to diffuse the appearance of large pores. Look for the  term “non-comedogenic” when purchasing facial  products.

Large pore size not only comes from genetics, but from a compromised diet. Although genetics is hard to counteract, diet is a bit easier to work with. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables is a natural beginning, but certain vitamins in particular have been linked with decreased pore size, including  vitamins C, A and B5.

Vitamin C is one vitamin that seems to help in shrinking pores. Vitamin C provides several benefits for the skin. These include fading age spots and other irregularities, and forming collagen that keeps skin from  becoming bumpy and wrinkled. Using of a topical cream that includes vitamin C may greatly improve the appearance of one’s pores. (this is one remedy that definitely works for me).




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