I’m back!!

Hello, Hello,

Unfortunately, It’s been some time since I have been able to post
My absence was not due to the lack of desire or interest of feeding Skin Chatter, but rather due to the ups and downs and the roller coaster of that which is LIFE… I’m sure many (everyone) is able to relate. However, I am back!…and looking forward to it!

If there is ever a topic of discussion you would like me to address, please, let me know…and of course I love comments and feedback!

Health & Happiness,



2 thoughts on “I’m back!!

  1. Freebies? Lucky girl..gotta love that! 🙂 As for the answer to your question..YES! They absolutely do help, and are not at all a waste of time. In fact, the ingredients which you mentioned are among the top ingredients one should look for when choosing a skincare product.
    Funny you asked this question, I was already planning on writing a blog on Retinol and Retin – A, but I am now definitely adding facial serums to the list (great Question!).
    Be on the look out for it…Hmm, over the next two days.



  2. I’ve been trying a ton of different ‘serums’ and ‘eye creams’ lately, thanks to freebie programs that ask me to only review the products…I’m curious as to what you think about these types of products, and as to whether they help, or just waste money? (Specifically, I’ve tried Vitamin C Serum, Rosehip Oil, and age-defense eye creams with retinol, etc. I recently took my skincare routine from 1-2 minutes daily to about 10 minutes..) Am i wasting time (and, if i wasn’t such a freebie junkie, money) using this stuff? It seems like it’s helping…but I’m always convinced I’m just experiencing a ‘placebo’ effect…


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