Is Your Sleep Position Contributing To Wrinkles?

sleeping-beauty   When I was in school earning my esthetic license my instructor had us perform an exercise. We were to go around the room looking at each person, to see if we were able to tell which side they slept on throughout the night. Every assumption was spot on. Conclusion; The way you sleep does effect your wrinkles.

Ideally one should sleep on their back. However, for a side sleeper such as myself, this just isn’t plausible.

So what is a side sleeper to do? One should use a satin pillowcase as apposed to the usual cotton. The skin will slide against the smooth covering helping reduce wrinkles or sleep creases to delicate parts of the face and neck. You also have the option of a beauty pillow. A beauty pillow is made of a special foam and the unique shape helps to alleviate pressure on the face.

I know you are now headed straight off to the mirror. I know I was! 🙂


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