TGIF: Tips BY The Legendary – Kevyn Aucoin

th2KWJYIE8For those of you who may not know, Kevyn Aucoin is a famous American make-up artist, photographer and author. Sadly, he left this world in 2002, at the young age of 40.

Kevyn became a legendary makeup artist painting and sculpting the faces of magazine cover models and celebrities, revealing true timeless beauty in a way no one had before seen. Despite his untimely passing in 2002, Kevyn Aucoin’s legacy lives on through his unrivaled, time-tested techniques, his New York Times best-selling books The Art of Makeup, Making Faces, and Face Forward, and the Kevyn Aucoin Beauty brand he founded and launched in 2001. Through his life’s work, Kevyn Aucoin set the standard for makeup artistry, recognized today as the makeup artist that continues to inspire the world of beauty.

Years ago when I was studying to become an esthetician, I went out and purchased Making Facing. During this point of my life I’d already spent several years as a makeup artist, yet through his books I realized I still had much to learn. That week I went through the pages, applying each and every technique – all the way down to the Vaseline/shadow used on Cher. Not only are Kevyn Aucoin’s books filled with wonderful techniques, but the photography throughout is breathtaking.

Here are a few simple tips pulled from the wonderful pages of Making Faces.

  • There are No rules to makeup.
  • When using powder products such as eyeshadows or blush, a light application of loose or pressed powder first is the best way to ensure smooth blending. Powder eyeshadows or blushes applied directly to the skin will “grab” the oily areas; creating a blotchy application.
  • To avoid uneven distribution, shake off excess powder from the sponge or brush before applying to the face.
  • If foundation is not enough, applying golden-based concealer just to the right places, like red spots or under eye circles (using a small brush or fingertips before softly powdering) can easily create the look of natural, beautiful skin.
  • Brush your brows up and if you like, keep them in place with a little sweep of clear mascara, wax or hairspray.
  • Brow hairs do not grow back thicker. If anything, constant plucking may stop the individual hairs from growing back altogether.
  • When applying eyeshadow to the crease, recommended to keeping the eye opened. Besides being able to see the shape you are creating, the color will go into (and slightly above) the crease)
  • Apply eyeliner as close as possible to (and even into) the lashes, to avoid the white line you get when liner and lashes don’t connect.
  • Concentrating mascara at the base of the lash root, sweeping outward and upward, creates a thicker lash look with the ends separated and the ends well defined.
  • Putting powder over top of the first coat of lipstick, then reapplying will help it to last longer.
  • Place with the balance of your face by using dark colors on your eyes and light colors on the mouth or vice versa. See how it changes the proportions of your features.
  • For oily complexions use matte foundations and powders, followed by highlighting “powder” to create a shimmery, but not creasy look.
  • Pale skin looks great with blue-reds while darker skin looks amazing in brown or orange-based reds.
  • Light colored clothing helps to reflect light up to the face.
  • Soft tones in makeup are complemented by warm tones in hair and clothing.
  • Curling the lashes is very important to open up the eye area.
  • Metallics reflect the light, so they easily work as highlighters. To create depth, use matte shadows, as they absorb the light.
  • Makeup looks do not have to be complicated to be effective. A classical look is indeed beautiful.



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