How To Use Pigment Powders

thP2AS3023_edited Pigments are basically responsible for the color of your entire make up; hence they deserve some recognition or simply a post on Skin Chatter. Pigments are a loose powder and are basically the main ingredient in eyeshadow minus the binder that keeps them pressed. Not only vibrant in color, but longer lasting than traditional shadows.

Some people may find working with pigments as an eyeshadow to be a bit difficult. However, once you learn the proper way to apply, you will never again use anything but.

If ever I hear someone comment that they do not like working with pigment powders the reason is usually one in the same – “They are messy and fall all over my face.” Well, let’s remedy that shall we?

The eyes – This is by far the most common way pigment powders are utilized. With pigment powders application is more precise and if desired, give the ability to create a more dramatic look.

When using pigments for the eyes you must first prep your eyelids with a primer. This will give the powder something to adhere to and keep pigment from “falling all over your face”. You will need to use a flat stiff brush when first applying. Dab the brush into the powder then lightly tap off any excess. Gently pat the brush across your eyelid and reapply pigment onto your brush in the same fashion as needed. Unlike conventional compact eye shadows it is best not to swipe the brush. Swiping loosens up the compact you’ve created of the pigment within your brush. If blending is necessary, take a soft bristle brush and gently blend.

Not only wonder for the eyes, but the uses of pigment powders go far beyond;

  • Eyeliner – As liquid eyeliners, pigments are great, especially when you need a custom shade. Simply dampen a liner brush and dip into the pigment of your choice.
  • Lips –  Mix pigment with a clear gloss to customize your own lip color.  You can even hint pigment with your Vaseline and lipbalm. Pigments can also be used to set your lipsticks and make them last longer. After you apply your lipstick, pat some matching pigment on it.
  • Nails – Apply pigment to a bottle of clear nail polish and shake.
  • Illuminator – Mix a light – toned pigment with foundation or moisturizer to create a dewy luminous glow on the face. Also, apply the same to the décolletage and shoulders for a great body shimmer.
  • Mascara – Mix pigment with a clear mascara or stroke a bit over your regular mascara while it is still wet, for a hint of sparkle.
  • Hair – Take your favorite hair styling product, sprinkle with a bit of pigment and mix well. Then streak it through the hair.
  • Faux tan –  Brushing the pigment all over the body gives a great bronzed look. Mix pigment with you regular body spray or lotion for a shimmery shine. What your legs to appear slender and long? Blend gold and silver pigments with your body lotion and apply it from your knees to the ankles. The shiny glossy line will make your legs look longer and slender.
  • Eyebrow filler – Take a pigment that is 1-2 shades lighter than your original brow color. Dip a firm angled brush into the pigment and apply small strokes to shape the fine hair in the brow.

If you are looking to purchase pigment powders, Younique’s Moodstruck Mineral Pigment Powders are amazing! Available in a variety of matte and shimmer colors, formulated with finely crushed minerals, amino acids and vitamins that provide key nutrition for your skin. Best of all, Younique’s pigments cost $12.50/ea. for 1.2 grams!

Order link:

If anyone else has some great uses for pigment powders, I’d love to hear it!



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