Does Monat Really Work? -Monat Review


Does Monat really work? I too asked this question, once upon a time. Now? I’m a MM/Founder with Monat. But first I was a customer. The results I’ve personally experienced have been impressive…and surprising.
As an aesthetician (and just the simple fact of being a woman) there are two things in this world I’ve definitely used my fair share of – skincare and haircare products. One could quite literally go on a shopping spree in my bathroom closet. So aggravating when I think of the money I’ve dumped on expensive salon products only to then not live up to their claims. Hair treatments? Don’t even want to think about it. – Now there was a lot of $$ wasted for sure!
Now let’s talk Monat…
Monat haircare line launched October 1st. 2014. Monat is a naturally- botanically based line, with Monat Global’s FDA approved facility located in Miami Fl.
The Monat line offers something for both men, women and is even safe to use on children. – In fact, this line has done wonders for my 6 year old daughter’s corse, curly hair.
Third party, clinically tested and proven to deliver said results. Prior to becoming a Monat Partner I was unaware that all professional lines on the market are NOT clinically tested. I found this to be quite interesting and surprising…I suppose I just always assumed.
There are many great haircare lines on the market – Aveda, Kerastase, Pureology…just to name a few. However, none of these lines performs as Monat.
Each Monat product is infused with natural botanicals working in unison feeding the 3 inner layers of the hair shaft; rebuilding dormant bulbs and follicles. – from deep inside all the way to the ends. No other line on the market today does this and Monat is clinically proven to do so. The result is longer, stronger, healthier, youthful hair.
So what do I think of Monat? Let me put it this way…The first time having used only a couple of the products I was pleasantly shocked! I immediately called my mother and two of my friends (quite serious). I had never experienced such immediate visual results from a haircare product in my home, or in a salon for that matter.
One thing I should note is that I’m not easily impressed when it comes to any form of products. However, Monat is far beyond your average haircare. It reconstructs, smooths, protects, stimulates growth, prevents loss, strengthens, adds brilliance, shine and then some.
Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive is Monat’s signature product and is the foundation of the line. This is what truly sets Monat apart from all others.
Rejunveniqe Oil Intensive is a patent pending formula, made from 11 essential oils found all across the world in their highest quality form. This amazing blend is infused throughout each and every product within the line. Due to it’s unique, small molecular structure it has the ability to penetrate deep within the dermis/scalp. – also acting as a carrier for other ingredients.
Not only for the hair, but for the skin as well. This power blend includes some of the rarest oils on earth, closely mimicking our own bodies natural oil makeup. Overtime our body’s ability to produce the amount of oils needed for youthful looking skin and hair diminishes, causing us to lose that desired youthful appearance. Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive makes up for that loss. This oil is jammed packed with all the minerals, vitamins and the anti-oxidants that our hair and skin thirsts for, converting one’s tresses and skin back to a more balanced, healthy, youthful state.
Curly/wavy heads? That’d be me too. After years of flat ironing and performing other damaging rituals, my hair had become so damaged I no longer was able to wear curly. The little amount of curl I was able to achieve was dry, frizzy and felt like straw. Horrible! My once trademark curls seemed to be just one more thing to add to the list of “Things lost to my youth”. That is until… 🙂
After only two washes with Monat shampoo, Rejuvenqe oil and Restore leave-in my curls came back. I was absolutely impressed! Over time my curls became even that much more alive.

Hair loss/Regrowth – Prior to Monat I was experiencing quite a bit of fallout – it was actually starting to freak me out a bit!…I mean how much hair could I really spare to lose anyway? Following Monat , fallout subsided, hair became thicker, and I experienced regrowth around my hairline, an area during pregnancy that had become considerably thin. Although one can find several lines on the market targeting balding, thinning, etc., unlike Monat these lines include a high number of harmful chemicals with very unpleasant (sometimes severe) possible side effects.
Oh yes, and my hair now grows like a weed! I’ve since chopped my hair again for reasons of convenience, but being that my hair now grows so quickly…If I ever do decide on long locks again, no problem. 😉
From the start, one aspect that strongly stood out to me was the number of issues and needs that only one bottle of Monat shampoo is able to address and tackle.- this is not something I had or since seen in other lines.
With other professional lines one will find a wide selection of various shampoos offered. Several to chose from, each targeting a specific issue. Thereby forcing the consumer to forgo addressing many other needs and concerns. With Monat this no longer is an issue.

One bottle of Monat shampoo will restore on the cellular level, add strength, color stay, shine, fullness, desired texture, increase manageability, lesson dry time, prevent hair loss, stimulate growth, protect, enhance color and again, so much more!

– And that’s just in discussing Monat’s shampoos! When was the last time your root lifter also brought the benefits above, all along being alcohol free! As an esthetician I’ve been shopping the professional supply houses for years. Many times I recall going in and becoming so frustrated when looking for styling products formulated for dry or curly hair, to smooth texture/combat frizz, or achieve volume. All contained drying alcohols and agents. Ironic isn’t it? The very thing that will assist also creates the very issue trying to remedy. – it’s a cycle. – Monat contains no drying alcohols. Why this is so difficult to find in the world of haircare, I have no idea.

The masque? Hands down the BEST I have ever used…and believe me, I have used many, especially those given much hype. I also use the masque frequently on my daughter’s hair and the results have been outstanding. Using just a bit as a leave -in gives my hair even more fullness, and desired texture. For my daughter it also does wonders as a detangler! In the mornings I add a touch with water and run through her hair. You have no idea the nightmare I use to face each morning preparing her for school, and the time that USE to be involved. – Happy Mom!
I could go on and on with specifics on each of the product uses, and the benefits I have experienced, but simply put…There is really is NOTHING else like Monat on the market today.

So whether you’re looking to tackle a specific issue or protect your healthy locks, Monat is definitely a line worth trying out. I’m fully confident you will be just as impressed as I have been.
Best of all, with a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee there is absolutely no risk. Monat can only be purchased through a Monat Partner, found in Partnered salons or through Monat’s corporate website.
A little 411 on the Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive;
Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive – Nicknamed Liquid Gold, and with 101 uses this nickname is very well suited.
This proprietary, patent-pending formula is the heart of the Monat line and is infused throughout each and every product.
A blend of 11+ unique molecular ingredients –including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids – that mimic the body’s natural oils! The proprietary formula reduces hair thinning, prevents oxidative stress and adds incredible volume, repairing the hair with instantly visible, long-lasting shine without the damaging effects of silicone.
Due to Rejuveniqe’s unique molecular structure it has the ability to penetrate deeper within the scalp/hair shaft and dermis, working at the cellular level. This also allows to act as a carrier for other ingredients, enabling them to penetrate deeper as well. (check out my Rejuveniqe review on Skin Chatter for anti-aging befits).
Not only great for hair, but equally beneficial for skin. I add a couple drops to my day/night cream prior to applying, and the results have been awesome. I also apply directly to the eye area, and lashes. Lashes? You will notice longer, healthier lashes in no time., and less fallout.


Update: So, it’s been quite a while since I first wrote this review, therefore I figured an update may be a good idea. Am I still happy with my Monat products? Absolutely. I’m especially in love with two of the newest products. Moxie Magnifying Mousse and Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo.
Moxie Magnifying Mousse – Okay, some of you are “really” going to get why I’m so in LOVE with this mousse. As mentioned above, I have dry, over processed and more fine hair. Mousse has always been a welcomed product given its benefits. However, finding one that doesn’t dry out my hair, turning me into a hot mess an hour after applying, is nearly impossible. Well, well…This mousse does NOT dry out my hair in the least. I seldom where my curls these days, but the fullness and smooth blowout received from this mousse is awesome. I’ve now placed this one in my top 3 faves. Tip: Careful not to overuse. If too much is applied, your hair will have a coated feel once dry. – it’s very concentrated, so may take a couple uses before having correct amount down. You also may be a bit surprised when first dispense. This mousse is not as foamy as others, but rest assured, this in not a defect, just the way it is.
IRT shampoo – I’ve been using this latest shampoo on a regular basis. IMO, in terms of hydration, feel and texture of hair once styled, it lies somewhere between Monat’s Revive shampoo and Renew. The shampoo has a rosemary-mint scent and the same potent combination of naturally based ingredients to support the regrowth of hair as BLACK Shampoo + Conditioner: REJUVENIQE™, CAPIXYL™, PROCATLINE™ and CRODASORB™.
Rejuveniqe Oil Tip – Several months ago I started applying a bit to my eyebrows. My goal was to stimulate growth and rid my brows of those pesky gray hairs that had shown up. I’m delighted to worked! 🙂
What you NEED to know about your skincare and to stop wasting money.








If you are interested in purchasing Monat products, or like more information, feel free and email me on Skin Chatter or @ – Happy to help.
To view the entire Monat line click HERE

Real Testimonies


Please understand I know all the hoopla with the MONAT company being a MLM! Guess what I don’t care.
These products are the ABSOLUTE BEST I have ever used!
If a big freaking Bird flew over and took a crap on my clients head and it made her hair grow stronger! Get healthier root to tip! I would chase that bird down and have it crap on everyone’s head! A great product from a great company THATS MONAT! – Buddy Smart (Salon owner and former stylist to the Dallas Cheerleaders)
I’m loving MONAT! My hair feels silky smooth and looks it too! I was using four Aveda products to achieve these results, from just the shampoo and leave-in conditioner. Can’t wait to use the Rejuveniqe OIl!” (Update) Since using the Monat line and implementing the Intensive Repair and Rejuveniqe Oil, my regrowth has been amazing! To anyone suffering from hair loss, due to hormonal changes, I highly recommend Monat! – Melanie D.
It’s amazing! First time using this product, I didn’t have to use any other products like I normally do. – Just blew dry with a brush…NO flat iron needed! I’m hooked!! -Yvonne B. (Business Owner- Cleaning Services)
This product line is changing the way I do hair after 25 yrs. – Rhonda D. (Hairdresser/Salon Owner)
I have used the products to do a blow-out on my natural hair. Results Amazing!! African-American hair clients will LOVVVEEEE our product! – Carrence B.
I am so excited about this line, it’s amazing! My clients absolutely love it! I have never carried a product line that has received such positive feedback, as with Monat. – I just use it on my clients and THEY ask for it! – Susan R. (Stylist/Salon Owner)
I have been in the hair business for 38 years. I owned a salon for 15. This is by far the best product I have ever used. I am amazed every day when I use these products on someone new and the results I get. I love being able to help my clients struggling with hair and have a product that really works. I would tell everyone about this product if I did not make a dime, but the bonus is that it will not be long before my Monat income passes my styling income. – Taryn Edwards (Stylist/Past Salon Owner)
A couple of months ago I purchased some Monat products at retail cost. When I ran out I went back to my old products…What a difference! Today, I became a VIP!– Heather Y. (Administration)
I’ve been a Monat Customer for 6 months now and I could not be happier. I have NEVER had such thick, healthy, shiny hair…My stylist even took notice to the drastic difference and now carries the line in her salon. I will never again use anything else! Jennifer S. (Architect)


30 thoughts on “Does Monat Really Work? -Monat Review

  1. Hi Delores,
    I completely understand.
    Monat’s clinical trials were completed by a third party, TRI Princeton. Now if you’re referring to “My” ingredient research pertaining to my review on Rejuveniqe’s skin benefits…this was all Internet sourced and through my knowledge/studies as a licensed esthetician.
    I must say, I’m surprised your email went unanswered, as that’s not the norm. If you’d like to forward me your email I’ll be happy to ask about the ingredients in question.
    – Tiffanie


  2. I was going to join but did my own research on the ingredients on EWG ,a few were questionable. When I wrote the company no response. I too am not trying to be difficult but I am very very careful of products that say they have no harmful ingredients and have found only a few that truly do not. Can you tell where your research on the ingredients came from Thx DH


  3. Hello Terry,
    You could try a Google search with your area/Monat or do a FB search the same as well. Are you looking for a salon that retails the line? If so, you could go about searching the same way. However, majority or purchases are made through website ordering. Salons that are partnered with Monat may carry products in the salon, but possibly not be stocked with the entire line. Also, Monat only guarantees and offers a 100% money back guarantee when purchased through a partner’s website. VIP option is also only accessed through sites.
    If all fails in your search you can always just call Monat’s customer service and ask.


  4. Sure, feel free to share. 🙂
    To prepare the scalp/hair for optimal results, Rejuveniqe oil treatments should be done prior to using any Monat system. – treatment plan can be found in..product central, back office, etc.
    Rejunveniqe can also be applied prior or after styling. – Only 2-3 drops is needed..highly concentrated.
    As for answering your comment on who to contact with questions and tips…whoever sponsored you should be able to answer all your questions and be more than happy to do so. If you have other questions for me, just let me know. 🙂


  5. So glad I found this! Beautifully said, I just joined as a partner and was wanting to ask if you would mind me sharing this to my Facebook page? I also had a question about the men’s line who do I contact for questions and tips? I heard men can rub a little bit of the oil on their scalp before shampooing.. Thoughts?


  6. Hello Robin,
    Absolutely not. You are referring to our VIP program
    VIPs receive 15% off and free shipping. A VIP has an obligation to purchase $99 worth of product each month for three months. – which comes to $84 after the 15% discount.
    VIPS also have the ability to earn their entire monthly order free!
    However, VIP is only an option. You can also pay full price and not have the 3 month obligation.
    There is also a 30 day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk. 🙂


  7. Hello😊I recently ised the sample packets of shampoo and conditioner and I Love them. When doing some research, i was seeing some things about Auto Payment. Is this the only way to purchase the product? Or can i just buy the products out right? Thanks😊


  8. Hello ReDina,
    I’m more than happy to help you and fully confident you will receive great results from the Monat line, just as I certainly have.
    If you’d email me additional information on your hair type, I’ll gladly recommend which products best suited.
    – Is your hair oily, dry, curly, frizzy, coarse, etc?
    Please, email me at

    Look forward to speaking with you soon,


  9. Dear Ms Tiffany, I am very interested in anything that helps my thinning hair. As you said, lost to youth. I had thick, gorgeous hair. I noticed my hair thinning over the past few years. My health was bad. Doing much better now. I know stress causes hair lost, but seeing my through my hair. Stresses me even MORE!! I do a lot of research before spending my money. I healed my health problems by researching everything. I am proactive about anything that could affect my health and hair. My question is how to know which Monat hair products to try first. If the product works, I don’t mind paying. I appreciate your review and any information you could give. Thank you for your time and help.
    Sincerely, ReDina Moretz


  10. The timeline for regrowth varies. I’ve seen men and woman notice regrowth in as little as a week and then I’ve seen it take a couple months, but most do notice results sooner rather than later.
    What products are you currently using?


  11. Hi Melinda, Correct. Monat products contain no sulfates or parabens. – Non toxic and Cruelty Free. The Rejuveniqe oil is great for hair, as well as the skin. And when applied to lashes it will cause lashes to grow. I have done a review on the Rejuveniqe oil also that you may like to check out. You may also learn more @


  12. Hi Melinda, Correct. Monat products contain no sulfates or parabens. – Non toxic and Cruelty Free. The Rejuveniqe oil is great for hair, as well as the skin. And when applied to lashes it will cause lashes to grow. I have done a review on the Rejuveniqe oil also that you may like to check out. You may also learn more @


  13. So then the products have nothing toxic or irritating in them? Kym on Home And Family said you can put it on your eyelashes.


  14. Absolutely not! This review is based 100% on my personal experience and actual results. In fact, I was so impressed with these products and what the line did for me that I decided to become a Partner myself. 🙂
    Also, What lead me to create Skin Chatter in the first place was the amount of misinformation put out there within the beauty industry. I will never write a review where I am not completely honest with my readers and definitely would not write a false review in the name of the almighty dollar. However, your question is well warranted, as I’m sure it happens.
    If you have have any questions on a particular product or which would work best for you, I’d be happy to help.
    Again, rest assured – My review is in no way falsified – I love these products and what they have done for my hair, non other has been able to deliver the results Monat has for me.
    Thank you for your comment and again -Please, let me know if you have any further questions. – Tiffanie


  15. I’m interested in the products and doing my research. I am wondering if you were paid to write this review at all?

    Thank you!


  16. Hi Ricki,
    First off I’m happy you received positive results with Monat.
    In regards to the price point – Monat is at a mid-level price point in comparison to other professional hair care lines. That said, the benefits with Monat far exceeds what even some of the more expensive brands deliver. To achieve the results of let’s say that which a bottle of Monat shampoo delivers, you would need several products of another brand and still only receive a portion of those results. In addition, Monat is extremely concentrated. The ingredients in the Monat products are of the highest quality and are of some of the rarest oils found on earth – closely mimicing our own natural oils.
    As with any form of product, whether be skin care, hair care, etc – You simply get what you pay for. To be honest, I have used products at a much higher cost than Monat and the results did not even come close.
    How long do the products last? Like anything this depends how often you use/wash your hair. However, as an example…when using the shampoos about a nickle size amount is all that is needed. For the Rejuveniqe oil – about 3 drops, Restore leave-in conditioner – one pump will suffice – and I have long hair.
    Ive been using the same shampoo bottle for over a month and it is still at least half full. I’ve also been using that same bottle on my daughters’ hair.
    I hope I’ve answered your questions. Please, feel free to let me know if you have further questions. ~ Tiffanie


  17. I just tried a sample of the balance line and oil and my hair feels silky and lively not dried and drab. My question is why is it so expensive ? I have never paid for salon hair treatments due to price. How often are you replacing products, monthly?


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