DIY – Salt Scrub

th     It’s that time of the year again, to get in the kitchen and make that scrub! Actually, that time was weeks ago for me, but better late then never.

Salt scrubs – simple to make, smell wonderful and offers amazing benefits! Also, if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, Body scrubs are great! I use to give them out every year to family and the first year I skipped it was made very clear to me just how much those salt scrubs were looked forward too…oops!

For additional revenue I also sold my homemade body scrubs in my previous spa. Again, the response I received was over whelming! Just goes to show you, the big brand names are not always the favorite! In my salts I would also add vitamin E oil, shea butter and green tea. If unsure where to go for supplies in your area, you can find all this at your local Hobby Lobby.  There you’ll also be able to find a great selection of  jars too.

Simple Salt Scrub Recipe:


  • 2 cups Coconut Oil
  • 1 Cup Sea Salt
  • 8 Drops of Essential Oils – the best part!

Mix all ingredients together and store in a tight container. Feel free to play with the amount of coconut oil used, for the consistency you desire. I’ll be honest, I’m not one to measure – EVER! This of course does not always play to my favor where cooking is involved, but when it comes to body scrubs I’ve always come out on top. In case you were wondering, this also explains why I did not give you the amounts for the shea butter and vitamin E oils. Just play with it and make it your own – That’s half the fun!

You can also add some coloring to your salts. That too can be picked up at your local Hobby Lobby. *Helpful hint – Use the blues and greens sparingly or skin will be left with a colored hue. Ok, so I guess not measuring did play a negative roll at least once! 😉


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