Like Nails On A Chalkboard!

th63NZCFDQ   Ok – So maybe it’s the esthetician in me, but when I see someone cleansing their eyes, face and pulling! pulling! – you may as well be smacking gum in my ear or running fingers down a chalkboard. Believe me, in time gravity will do plenty on it’s own. Let’s not offer her any help, shall we?

If you’re wondering what prompted me to write on this subject…Well, there’s a new handy makeup cloth that has hit the circuit. No, I have not used it. Therefore, I’m not at all knocking the product, but I am going to knock the way I recently saw a video on it being used.

In this video demonstration a young lady was firmly pulling over and over her eye area in effort to remove eye makeup. Torture! Actually, the torture was me watching the video twice.

As I said gravity needs no help. As for the eye area? This area of the skin is so thin and delicate in comparison to the other portions of the face. In fact, it is advised to use the ring finger of your non-dominant hand, when applying eye cream, in an inward motion. By doing so, you are less likely to apply too much pressure and pull.

So no, even I have to admit I don’t exactly do that – I use my dominant hand 🙂 But I do wash in an upward motion and NEVER pull on my eyes.

It’s my understanding that the product I viewed being demoed, may be used wet or dry (in the video it was being used dry). Although, using dry may be a more convenient route to go, I highly advise against it. (However, I am a little confused how that’d really offer a good cleanse) But hey, as I stated I know nothing of the product…

So just remember – wash your face using light, upward strokes and be gentle with those eyes.

Believe me, your future self will thank you for it – especially all of you youngens out there. 😉



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