Put Down The Water Bottle!

thHH6NX3EU  We have all heard how smoking causes wrinkles, with that constant pursing of the lips, but did you ever think about those other daily activities that might also be contributing? – Like drinking from straws or water bottles? I use to be a habitual water bottle drinker and for some reason if I wasn’t drinking from a bottle, I would find myself drinking with a straw, until one day it hit me!! *Light bulb moment –  I was so ticked at myself for not thinking of this before. Now of course in the back of my brain I always knew better, but nevertheless, there I was slurping away.

For YEARS I drank out of water bottles. After-all, it’s convenient, no glass to wash and great for on the go, BUT this constant mouth motion does in fact contribute to wrinkles.

Once I had this revelation I did a google search (as I always do) and sure enough there it was…pic after pic and one testimony after another from people telling their story of how drinking out of water bottles had contributed to premature aging around their mouth area.

So no longer will you find straws in my home and yes, I still have the water bottles, but into a glass the water goes.

It is true, wrinkles are simply just a part of life and the wonderful aging process (wonderful?) However, if such a simple action as nixing the water bottles and straws will slow this process – I’m all for it!


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