Gommage 303 & 305 – A gentle non-abrasive face exfoliator

thQ3A09KB5Most people are not familiar with a “gommage” exfoliator. French for “to erase,” the gommage was once the most commonly used type of face exfoliant. gommage is administered onto the skin in a very thin layer. It is left on the skin to dry, but only slightly. It is then massaged and rolled off the skin. As the layers of dried paste fall off the body, so too do the skin’s outermost dead cells.

This form of exfoliant is especially desirable for sensitive skin types and it just so happens to be one of my favorites.

Topping my list is Yonka – Paris gommage. This non-abrasive, botanical scrub gently removes dead cells, provides clarity for dull complexions, hydrates and balances the epidermis.
Rich in citrus essential oils, this scrub is so gentle that you can even use it on your eyelids, for a smoothing and toning effect.

Another way to use this scrub is to apply and leave on overnight. You will wake with amazing hydrated skin. – I use this method myself quite often.

You will find two types of gommages carried by Yonka – Paris – Gommage 303 and Gommage 305. 303 is for normal and oily and 305 for dry and sensitive. This gommage will run you about $44 and it will last you for quite some time.

One might say I’m a little bias, as Yonka was the line carried/used for my spa business. However, it can still be found in my bathroom today, and that should say a lot.


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