2016 Colour Forecast (Hot Hair Trends)

80e37b4bd554ad2256daa6c98f78b8bfHeading in for some “self-love” next week (which BTW, is long overdue). So I decided to check out what the hair gurus are saying for 2016.  – I’m so ready for a change and needed some ideas…Here’s a few I came across, getting much buzz…



Deliberate roots

I thought this trend was on its way out, but apparently still going strong in Hollywood, and said to be huge in 2016. This is one many will get behind, I’m sure. Personally, I’m all for any trend that lets you wait a few extra weeks before heading back into the salon.




Ombre fan?

Once again hairstylists have found a new way to reinvent this versatile style. This takes three or more shades and working them through the hair. – Great for adding dimension and giving the appearance of more volume.

(Just as last year, some say ombre is completely out, yet others…)




Pastel shades

If thought I could get away with this, or really just that my hubby…,I’d so go for it. After-all pastels are a fair skinned girl’s friend. – My daughter would certainly love it! ((Pink!))pastel-hair-large-msg-135759093613








Flattering Naturalsnatural-hair-color

If going “trendy” isn’t your thing, a natural shade suited for your skin tone never goes out of style. And lets face it, your hair would be healthier for it.






Soft Blondes

Delicate blonde hues is another color about to get huge. These shades are said to be soft – almost see-through. If you do decide to go ultra light, be sure to read up on the proper care light locks require. Allowing to get dry, dull, and scraggly is the worse.





Woodsy Browns

I came across several shades of brown, but those on the darker end of the scale are definitely getting a lot of attention. If you’ve always had a desire to go dark brown, now is the perfect time. Go for browns ranging from chocolate and espresso.

*Having your stylist apply a color gloss would be ideal – shine! shine!

(Idk about you, but I’m sure missing my Scandal)




These delicate highlights are similar to ombre techniques, but more subtle shades of blonde are placed in the hair to create a soft, natural look.




Strawberry Blonde

Feeling a little pale? Here’s your remedy  – sure to illuminate your complexion. Just as in 2015, should see blondes turning towards strawberry and apricot










Brought to the U.S. by the French in the 60’s or 70’s. Balayage is also known as “hair painting” because the stylist ‘sweeps’ the color onto the hair with a paddle. This gives the colorist more freedom – and control – to place color where choose, unlike foils, which are more precise, and often more segmented. Great technique for covering grays, adding highlights, lowlights, and adding ombre. The balayage technique also gives you more natural look, longer-lasting results and it grows out more naturally. (love that!)




Hair Strobing

Strobing, the makeup technique that highlights where light naturally hits, has now become popular in the world of hair. Hair strobing is an individual highlighting that is specific to one’s hair color, face shape, and skin tone.






Many shades of red are popping up as “in” for 2016, and I think these are a couple great ones – Ginger and red/brown. Both are subtle, but noticeable gorgeous reds.




Multifaceted Platinum, or simply Platinum.

Platinum blonde hair is more popular than ever, as blondes are opting to go even lighter, losing the golden honey tones for more icy, lighter shades. Keeping hair this blonde is high maintenance, and won’t suit all skin tones.




Grey Hair

While some women are all about playing with the color, more and more are embracing their natural shade—and that includes gray. My lovely Mom happens to be among those gone all na-tur-al. – it looks phenomenal!



So there you have it, the buzz on color trends for 2016 (a portion anyway). Funny, what some say is on their way out, others say…  hot, hot! hmm..

Now if you ask me, I say trend or not, do what you want, and whatever makes YOU feel good…besides, if its not a trend this year, chances are it will be next, and that my dear makes you a trend setter. 😉

 Have some faves out there you’re seeing? – Love to hear it! Comment below & share.
















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