M·A·C Studio Face and Body Foundation (Review)

20160116_145352 For many years my liquid foundation of choice was sold by Chanel, that is until they discontinued (oh, how I hate when they do that!). Since then I’ve tried a few from other lines, but for one reason or another wasn’t happy, happy. A friend of mine recommended MAC liquid foundation. Although it’s still a bit unclear exactly which foundation she was referring to, I decided to try out MAC studio face and body. Once again, I find myself happy, happy. 🙂

MAC has several liquid foundations in their lineup, but I wanted a light to medium coverage, formulated to work well with dry skin, and one that would not settle into fine lines/wrinkles (the joys of aging). Well, that’s exactly was this is. -A lightweight foundation that delivers a natural satin finish and sheer coverage.  True, I prefer the feel of a light foundation, but let’s face it, we all have those areas where a little more is greatly needed. This my friends is where the second “happy” comes in.. it’s buildable.  As described on the MAC site: A comfortable lightweight fluid with a unique blend of emollients that delivers low-to-medium buildable coverage and a natural satin finish. The moisturizing, long wearing formula glides onto face and body providing stay true colour.


  • Coverage  – evens skin tone, and hides imperfections (I carry a lot of red and this works great).
  • Lightweight, natural feel – does not feel the least bit heavy (love that).
  • Buildable – some foundations will state this, but once you actually start to build, the foundation loses it natural look/feel, and a smooth application can become difficult..not this one.
  • Great for sensitive skin – I have very sensitive skin, and therefore prone to breakouts, etc. – have had zero problems in this area.
  • Does not emphasize fine lines and wrinkles (major plus). 20160116_165642
  • Smooth, easy application.
  • Long lasting coverage – all day wear
  • Enhances complexion, leaves a dewy and youthful  finish.
  • Squeeze top bottle – allows you to dispense the perfect amount.
  • Moisturizing – contains emollients (said to work well with all skin types, even oily.
  • Water based – I’m not a fan of oil based foundations.
  • Comes in 13 different shades.
  • Very affordably priced. Given what I’ve paid in the past for others, I highly welcome a $27.00 price tag (1.7 oz.), especially for one I like!

I probably wouldn’t recommend this to a longtime wearer of medium-heavy foundations. This is buildable, but you still may find to be a bit sheer for your taste…BUT then again, you just might love it!

Link to M·A·C Studio Face and Body Foundation








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