Do You Feel Like Your Aging Too Fast?

Do you feel like you’re aging too fast? Do you want to look and feel younger? Who the heck wouldn’t (??)

Unfortunately, we can’t control certain factors, like falling estrogen levels or the genetics that give a particular bone structure. But there are also plenty of other influences — and the right anti-aging care can certainly help.

1. Re-ignite your metabolism, reprogramming your body so you can readily start burning fat right away. You’ll reboot your endocrine system, creating a resurgence of youth enhancing hormones so can get infinitely more energy.

2. Boost your brain power, enhancing memory and improving your cognitive function. You’ll dramatically decelerate your body’s aging process.  So, your biological age will age slower than your chronological age—making you look and feel younger each year that passes.

3. Focus as much on what you put in your body as on what you put on your skin.
Always wear a sunblock.

Use a retinoid


High-quality Vitamin C Serum

Exfoliate – peels are great!

Remove all makeup and wash skin     each night.

4. Take a vitamin D supplement. Madfes recommends 1,000 IUs per day.

5. Eat plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fish-oil supplements are another source of these important fats, which help protect the moisture barrier. This is the protective top layer of skin that keeps moisture in but tends to thin as you age, causing dry skin.




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