Lovely Lavender Essential Oil – Benefits

1481496201842.jpgToday, lavender is the most used essential oil in the world. Ancient texts tell us that lavender essential oil has been used for medicinal and religious purposes for over 2,500 years! 😮

I for one 💜 love the smell and benefits of lavender. I especially love to use in my homemade sugar scrubs. 🤗 scrub2




Add a lavender candle to the mix and you have a fantastic Christmas gift!🎄 …for others or yourself. 😉

Do you know❓
Researchers from China have recently discovered that lavender essential oil helps your body produce three of your bodies most powerful antioxidants, within 22 hours of using!

lavender-flower-new-desktop-hd-wallpaper-04 Also, Romanian scientists have seen similar results after just seven days of inhaling lavender essential oil vapor for 60 minutes a day. They found that diffusing lavender oil protected cells from damage that can lead to cancer! 😃 And oh yes, there’s more! Research in 2014 came out, scientists from Tunisia set out to complete a fascinating task: to test the effects of lavender essential oil on blood sugar to see if it can help diabetes.

👉 During the 15-day study, the results observed by researchers were absolutely amazing. In a nutshell, lavender essential oil treatment protected the body from the following symptoms of diabetes:

• Increase in blood glucose (the hallmark of diabetes)
• Metabolic disorders
•Weight gain
• Liver and kidney antioxidant depletion (one of the reasons diabetes is lethal)

•Liver and kidney dysfunction (ditto)
•Liver and kidney lipoperoxidation
(when free radicals “steal” necessary fat molecules from cell membranes)

✨ Surprisingly, the radical-scavenging antioxidant activity of lavender was actually more robust than ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)!

lavender Isn’t this simply beautiful?!


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