A Fabulous Holiday Gift – DIY Body Scrub


photogrid_1481825124390.png🎄A fabulous holiday gift. Lavender body scrub…with a hint of Jasmine. Mmm💜

❄Yes, Tis the season for good cheer. Unfortunately, it’s also the season for dry, itchy skin. 😩
Remedy? A homemade sugar scrub. And as mentioned, a great gift all can enjoy. My Dad has even been known to use them, especially for his hands! Of course he opts for a more manly sent vs lavender…but 😉

My 7 year old is another big fan and she has fun, fun making with Mom too!

When it comes to choosing salt vs sugar for my scrubs, I tend to lean towards sugar.

Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt scrubs, because the granule is round and therefore doesn’t have any ability to “cut” the skin. It’s especially a far better choice for sensitive skin types and the only choice for the face.

Sugar granules also dissolve more easily in hot water and the glycolic acid content of sugar cane is another plus! Vital for the maintenance of healthy skin, this acid works to condition, protect and moisturize.

👉 So what about ingredients?

The beauty of DIY scrubs is the simplicity. For my sugar scrubs I typically add sugar (of course), olive oil, coconut oil, (both oils hold MANY skin benefits!) green tea, shay butter, vitamin E oil and essential oil. I’ve even been known to throw coffee grounds and aloe into the mix.

For coloring I just use a bit of colored sugar used for decorating.

Measuring? Although, I’d love to offer the exacts…sorry:roll: I’m unfortunately one of those that never measures. No biggie, remember simplicity. 🙂  Just be sure not to over due the olive oil & coconut oil contents. 2:1 ratio is a good guideline.

🎄Happy Holidays!


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