DIY Facial Coffee Scrub – Benefits

A coffee facial scrub can help brighten skin, prevent clogged pores, and soften lines. The acid in coffee gives you some chemical exfoliation on top of mechanical exfoliation. It also helps bolster skin’s protective barrier. That’s what keeps you healthy when bacteria, viruses, and fungi are landing on your skin 24/7.


 To make the coffee scrub:
In a bowl, soak coffee grounds in warm, filtered water (coffee grounds will sink to the bottom of the bowl), and add Epsom salts. Rinse your face with the water from the bowl, then scoop up the grounds to gently scrub skin. Finish by rinsing with more of the water from the bowl.

 Under-eye bags or need to lighten up dark circles? Its anti-inflammatory properties make it beneficial for reducing puffiness and dark circles associated with inflammation. If you put coffee on the skin’s surface, it dehydrates and constricts blood vessels. The area under your eyes is a lymphatic channel that drains poorly, and caffeine helps remove water from the system. As for dark circles. As we age, under-eye skin gets thinner, making it easier to see the blood vessels. The vessel-constricting effect of coffee could temporarily help.

 bodyscrubLast, but certainly not least, use in a body treatment to exfoliate skin; targeting rough skin and cellulite. sugar-body-scrub


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