The Face Behind Skin Chatter

neeewFacebook-20160315-102101Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog!
My name is Tiffanie Tvaroch and I live in the Nashville, Tennessee area. I’m a mother of two, to my 5 year old daughter Rylee and  20 year old son, Kristian (at this time of writing). Yes! quite an age gap, I know…it’s wonderful, my little one keeps me young and on my toes for sure. So who am I? In a nut shell – I’m a mother, wife, aesthetician, entrepreneur, blogger, history buff, and of course a bit more.

Now for a bit of history…

After seven years of counseling troubled youth and several years spent as a ophthalmic lead technician, I decided to enter the beauty industry. I first entered the beauty industry as a makeup artist. You may have noticed a bit of a pattern with my job history. Any position that enables me to help others feel good is certainly one for me. For many years I desired to head back to school and obtain my aesthetic license, but being a single mother at the time was put on the back burner…until it wasn’t. 🙂

Once I received my license I immediately opened Tiffanie’s Skin Spa in Louisville, KY. I loved it! I loved the science behind it, the challenges and the creative side, but above all I loved the relationships I formed with my clients. After several years of successful business, I closed my doors when my family and I moved to Nashville, TN.                  

During my years of business I always took an honest approach with my clients and just like now, was committed to education. I was constantly amazed by the misinformation my clients received  from other professionals. Unfortunately, many times this misguided information was given in the name of that almighty dollar. It is because of this (and for the family/friends regularly seeking skincare advice), I decided to join the million of other bloggers in the blogosphere (Wow, are there really that many!?)  I figured why not? After-all, it’s just simply what I know and enjoy.  

So that about wraps up “About Me” and how Skin Chatter was born.

I hope you find Skin Chatter to be informative and beneficial. I look forward to your feedback, connecting, and hearing any ideas of topic that you’d like me to include.

Although Skin Chatter will mainly focus on esthetics, don’t be surprised if I post on other topics as well. – Oh, and be sure to follow Skin Chatter on FB! 😉

 Take care, Tiffanie


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